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? ?集团依托滨海新区的自身优势,对区内土地进行统一开发建设和招商引资,为新区经济发展创建优越的投资环境和服务体系。此外,集团承担滨海新区“十大战役”中部分项目建设任务,渤龙湖总部经济区、北塘片区和临港工业区的建设已具相当规模。集团以高科技发展为重点,在IT服务业、航天航空、新能源等新兴产业方面取得积极进展。在投资、信托、租赁、咨询、信用评级等业务基础上,搭建了相对完备的投融资体系。按照“立足高新,服务滨海”方针,集团在物业、餐饮、孵化、市政绿化、公共基础设施养护、保税仓储和物流服务方面取得成效。“0907am威尼斯网站”商标连续7年被认定为天津市著名商标,连续5年为中国服务业500强企业。

Tianjin Hi-Tech Holding Group was established in 2000, and restructured in 2006. It is a large-scale stated-owned enterprise group under the direct jurisdiction of Tianjin Committee of CPC and Tianjin Municipal Government and exercises its empowered authority upon the state-owned assets within Tianjin Binhai Hi-Tech Industrial Development Area (hereinafter as "TBHIDA"). There are about 1,100 employees in the group with average age of 36. Half of the staff have bachelor’s degree, over 100 employees own master's degree, and 8 of them have doctoral degree. The total assets size of Hi-Tech group is over 140 Billion RMB, and it has become a holding conglomerate with over 100 controlled or joint-stock subsidiaries, and amongst them, there are 12 controlled subsidiaries.

Relying on the advantage of Binhai New Area, the holding group is responsible for the land development and investment promotion in the region, and also to create investment environment and service system in Binhai New Area. In addition, the holding group has undertaken some construction projects of “Ten Campaigns" of Binhai New Area, among them, Bolong Lake Headquarters Economy Region, BeiTang District, and LinGang Industrial Zone has been built to a certain scale. Hi-tech group has taken investment, guarantee, entrust as its basic businesses, while continuously innovate itself to set up a relatively integrated investment and financing system. It has settled the foundation for construction of science and technology financing platform in Binhai New Area. According to the principle of "base on TBHIDA, and serve Binhai", Hi-Tech Group has achieved remarkable results in property management, catering, hatching, municipal greening, public infrastructure maintenance, bonded warehousing and logistics services. It is now listed in the Top 500 of China's service enterprises. It is listed in the Top 500 of China's service enterprises seven years in a row,and was chosen as the famous brand in Tianjin for five consecutive years.



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